Insturctor:  Tony Hughes

     * I have studied TaeKwonDo rising through black belt, qualifying and placing in tournaments.
     * I have also studied Okinawan Shorin Ryu rising through the ranks to 3rd Dan black belt.
     * I have instructed Martial Arts and defensive tactics for over 10 years and studied for over 25 years and continuing.
     * I am certified defensive tactics instructor for law enforcement in the state of Missouri.
     * I am trained in military hand to hand combat.

I truly enjoys teaching the skills I have learned and watching students strive and achieve their goals as their self confidence builds.  This martial arts club is a blend of different martial art techniques and applies them to real life scenarios.  This club has several values that will be applied daily on the mats and off.  Respect.  Honor. Accountability.  Integrity and Discipline are the main values we teach.

If we have a choice, fighting should not be our first choice.  Walk away when we can.  If you have to fight in self defense, it is extremely important to know how.

Whether you are a seasoned martial artist or a new martial artise, we accommodate you to the best of our abilities.  Martial arts has several benefits including physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Your self control, self confidence and inner peace will reach new grounds with dedication and practice!