Malai Copling,  Director and founder, has been dancing since the age of 2, and involved in theatre since the age of 5.  Her mother owned a very successful dance studio where she grew a passion for dance & stage that has never left.  At the age of 11 she was granted a full tuition dance scholarship to one of the top ballet programs in the country.  She started taking college dance classes at the age of 12, where she was seen by William Christensen, founder of San Francisco Ballet, Ballet West, and one of the first ballet departments at a University. He invited her to take classes with Ballet West. She continued her training with him throughout high school.  Malai also trained with Barbara Hamblin, Bene Arnold, Joy Ludlow, and other great masters of dance, including the famous Jaques d'Amboise with New York Ballet & NDI.  During Jr. high and high School, Malai was a member of Mountain West Ballet Co., Murray Ballet Co., Steppin’ Out Dance Co., and William Christensen's Jr. Ballet Co. She also performed with the Utah Ballet.  Malai has won 1st and 2nd place in national dance competitions.  She has performed many roles such as Cinderella in Cinderella, Pinocchio in Pinocchio, Glenda in The Wizard of Oz, Snow Queen, & many solo roles in the Nutcracker, just to name a few.  She was awarded many dance scholarships for college. She continued her dance training as a Ballet Major at one of the top ranked ballet programs at a University, the University of Utah, where she was dancing 10-12 hours a day.  Malai has been accepted into many top dance programs throughout her career.  She has been a guest choreographer for many ballet companies, drill teams, dance companies, and theatre.  She was also a judge for  Dance America.  Malai has been teaching ballet, tap, and jazz for over 30 years, and has owned many successful dance studios. Malai is an ABT (American Ballet Theatre)  certified Teacher, who has successfully completed the ABT Teacher Training Intensive in Pre-Primary through level 3 of the ABT National Training Curriculum. Malai has trained 1000's of students in the art of dance.  She enjoys watching her students grow and progress in their professionalism, grace, & life!.  

My name is Paul Marak.  I come from a military upbringing of 20 years. my father was a lifer in the us air force, and I enlisted directly out of high school. In those 20 years, I have traveled the globe many times over, spending half of my childhood in Europe and Asia.  It was during that time, in Asia, that I discovered martial arts; however, my formal martial arts training didn't start until it became a fitness activity for my family.

I studied TaeKwonDo & Hapkido under the guidance of Grandmaster Kang, a 7th dan blackbelt from South Korea. during this time, I earned the rank of 3rd dan blackbelt.

In competition, I was a national qualifier in Olympic style sparring.   I was also a member of the USTC demo team, where I excelled in extreme kicking.

In the late 2000's, I was experimenting with some different disciplines and discovered Krav Maga and reality-based fight training. I trained heavily, within the Krav system for 3 years, attending fight classes for 2 years, where I earned a blue-belt in Krav Maga and a yellow-belt in bjj.  Also at this time, I studied for a few semesters at Metro State University for Biology and teacher certificate.

However, I returned to TaeKwonDo shortly afterwards becoming an owner/operator of 'MartialArts 4 Colorado'.  For 5 years, I instructed hundreds of students in the art of TaeKwonDo, many of which being recognized as blackbelts by the kukkiwon, in South Korea.  In 2015, I decided to leave martial arts to pursue a quicker means of self sustainability and well-being.

My style of the TaeKwonDo system combines the footwork and kicks of TKD with the explosive counter measures and determination of Krav Maga.

I enjoy teaching taeguk patterns (poomsae). It requires of the student, a lot of focus and patience and is the heart and soul of traditional taekwondo instruction.  My martial art weapon for training is the nunchuku.

My time on the demonstration team has taught me nearly all of the high-flying spinning kicks of martial arts including bicycle kicks, tornado kicks, scissor kicks, and some really cool and powerful flying side kicks and back kicks. i am highly trained in board breaking demonstration, as well. 
As far as sparring goes, i trained within the world taekwondo federation, qualifying for nationals. (sparring in Olympic style point bracket system, using electronic impact sensors. cool stuff for sure.)  I was a recognized coach and trainer with the colorado taekwondo association for 5 years, where my students excelled in sparring, earning medals at nearly all colorado meets.

Self defense is a very serious subject, and so I don't take it lightly. I know what it is like to be bullied and beat down. this is why i incorporate krav maga into my instruction.

I can instruct adults, but prefer to teach children ages 3 to 12. my classes are 50 minutes to 2.5 hours long, depending on the objective. classes are heavy on cardio and stretching, and all students get 1 on 1 training and personal attention from the instructor, in every class. the energy is positive, encouraging, and compassionate. don't be mistaken though, discipline is also a big part of training in TaeKwonDo.

To add, as part of my martial arts training, I am a student of meditation. "The breath is very important in martial arts, as it is in life. within the curriculum, the art of meditation cultivates itself in stillness and movement".  

Brante' Copling has been dancing since the age of 2.  She has a natural grace and beauty on stage!  She has trained in the art of Ballet, Pointe', Jazz, Modern, and Tap, with her favorite being ballet!  She has won many ballet scholarships across the country.  She has performed many rolls in both musicals and ballets. Musicals include Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Mrs. Beaver in Narnia, Sound of Music, Tweedle Dee in Alice in Wonderland, and many more.  Ballets include 2 times in The Wizard of Oz, including Dorothy,  the Fairy Godmother in  Cinderella, Wendy in Peter Pan, Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker, The Secret Garden Ballet, Molly Mouse Ballet, just to name a few.  Brante' loves being on stage, and loves to see the development in her students!

Tia Copling started dancing at the age of 2.  She ate, breathed, and moved dance!  She trained in Ballet, Pointe', Jazz, and tap.  She won a full ride dance scholarship at the age of 12.  At the age of 15 she became a member of the Wasatch Youth Ballet Co.  Tia has spent a lot of time on the stage from the age of 3.  People came from miles around to see Tias captivating stage presence.  Tia has taught dance for 5 years.  She has taught at multiple studios.  She is a favorite teacher of all ages.  Tia has performed many roles on stage including Lucy in Narnia, Sariah in The Ark, 2 productions of the Wizard of Oz Ballet, The Secret Garden, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel & Gretel, Cindy & the Prince, Peter and the Wolf, 3 productions of Cinderella Ballet, including the part of Cinderella, Mrs. Darbus in High School Musical, Alice in Alice in Wonderland, Glenda in Wizard of Oz, 4 productions of Molly Mouse, and many, many more.  Tia has a passion for dance, and loves to teach and see the passion become a reality in her students!  Tia is also a certified Zumba instructor!  Come join her!

Sheryl Whipple, Assistant Director, spent her youth immersed in classical ballet. She began training at age seven, eventually joining the Tulsa Junior Dance Theater. At 16, she was accepted into the Tulsa Civic Ballet, which later became the Tulsa Ballet.

Sheryl studied and trained under June Runyon and two of the five Native American ballerinas - Moscelyne Larkin (and her husband Roman Jasinski) in Tulsa, and Yvonne Chouteau (and her husband Miguel Terekhov) in the School of Dance at the University of Oklahoma. She also attended the International School of Ballet in Portugal, and learned by association from The Boston Ballet and the American Ballet Theater's Repertoire Company. While attending OU, Sheryl met her sweetheart, Peter. They have been married for 40 years and raised 13 children. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Tulsa, and spent many years moving around the country due to her husband's military career. Although first and foremost a Mom, Sheryl worked part time as a Nurse and Midwife, but with a life-long love of ballet and the stage, she always found the time to be a guest choreographer and performer for theater and ballet. Sheryl is thrilled to be a part of CBO and now teaching ballet to a new generation.

Josh Groman, Head Instructor, Martial Arts, has produced several award winners at the state martial arts tournament, and provides the opportunity every 2 months for students to test and advance to a new belt. He is a 3rd degree black belt, and training is associated with Grandmaster Han's Martial Arts in Mansfield.


April Collins teaches third grade at Willow Springs Elementary School.  She loves providing her students with opportunities to express themselves.  Dance provides an excellent opportunity for students to do just that.  April trained for twelve years at Methods of Movement Dance Studio under the direction of Mrs. Susan English in Mountain Home, Idaho.  She trained in the arts of Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap and Acro dance; competing in numerous state and regional dance competitions.

Besides teaching many classes and our Acro-dance, April is in charge of our competitions and is our competition coach! 

Wendy Inman, Music, Theatre Director is teaching Music Theater and voice.  Originally a native and graduate of Cabool Schools, Inman has ran her own piano studio for 28 years, as well as performed as accompanist, soloist, chamber, and church musician. During her time at University of Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, Inman worked with the music and theater department as Vocal Coach and reduction and performance musician for many musicals and operas. She graduated with her Piano Pedagogy Bachelor’s degree in 2004, received her alternative vocal and instrumental certification in 2010, and her Piano Performance Master’s degree in 2012.

Currently, Inman runs a select private piano and vocal studio in her home.  She works at Cabool School District teaching band grades 6-12, choir grades 7-12, Music Theory, Music Theater, and Music Appreciation.

Wendy Inman is the mother of three children; Nathan, Jessica, and Cullen. She resides in Cabool with her husband Jeff.



Mary Duncan, Hip Hop, Etc.  Mary has danced  most of my life, as a student or teacher.  She started dancing at the age of 4 taking ballet and tap, and did that for many years. She has always played sports and excelled at soccer from fourth grade till her freshman in high school played. Until she was once again introduced to her love of dance, joining, a performing show choir called Northern Lights Show Choir,  she sang and danced her way through high school.  She then became a student at college of the redwoods,  (CA), and danced all types of dance for six years, teaching swing, salsa, ballroom, jazz, and hip hop, coaching an all star cheerleading team, and performing in many show's with Humboldt Light Opera Company.  Mary has also dance with the Redwood Ballet, Redwood Curtain, and North Coast Dance!